Wichita: U.S Marshall – Experience a 19th-Century Frontier Story

The year is 1878 —a historic time in American history. The smell of dry, unforgiving summers fills the air. The sight of tumbleweeds adds to the atmosphere as you walk through Durango, Colorado, where the story would commence, a spectacle that will be discussed for ages. We have witnessed a fair share of Westerns in the genre’s rich history. But one man pens not just a book but an immersive experience that will change how people perceive Westerns and works of fiction created and presented.

We’re talking about a book described as one of the most authentic portrayals of Western fiction. Ladies and gentlemen, with this blog, we will dive into the intricacies, depth, and nuances behind the Western sensation, Wichita: U.S Marshall – 19th-century frontier story.

The Plot

The foundation for every good book is, of course, its plot. The story is what gives the characters a platform to truly express themselves, the very painting that makes the masterpiece. Author Jedediah Ravine brings forth a plot that immediately resonates with audiences.

The story begins in 1878, where, after years of serving with the Texas Rangers and a short time with the Pinkerton detective agency at 29 years old, an adventurous young man finds his way to Durango, Colorado. We are introduced to Wichita, the protagonist and the undisputed star of the show Jedediah has put for us here.

But what made Wichita leave a life of action and adventure behind?

This is where the story goes to a whole other level. There often comes a point in a man’s life where he must settle down and start a family. In this case, Wichita’s calling was a powerful one. The love of her life, a beautiful woman, drew him closer to leaving the thrill of peril to live a life building a home for himself. This was a dream Wichita had, and soon, it came true. Wichita had a son with the love of his life, and the family he yearned for was there with him.

But, in the summer of 1888, everything would change. Before this shift, Jedediah Ravine weaves a beautiful story of love, only to break the reader’s hearts. The home he created was reduced to nothing but blood and tears. The death of his wife and son left him completely shattered, and from then on, his life was never the same.

Wichita, even though brokenhearted and angry, was an honorable man and struggled to keep a balance between honor, duty, and revenge.

But what does Wichita do? Or, on a personal level, what does one do when everything has been taken away from you?

The pain Wichita is left behind proves to be a catalyst that sparks an unquenchable flame. Something snaps in Wichita, and he returns to the life he once left. He embarks on a quest for vengeance, following the trail of outlaws who wrecked the home he created.

Wichita U.S. Marshall is not just a story; it is a legend. Wichita’s hunt for justice resonates with readers who are pulled into the world Jedediah has constructed for us here. The only question remains: was he successful in his plight?


As you can tell, the plot explains all the hype surrounding the book, but wait for it; this isn’t even where the book truly shines. Many authors have adapted the Western aesthetic and setting in the past, but Jedediah’s rendition is being described as the most authentic one for good reason.

Wichita U.S. Marshall is not only available in text, but Jedediah Ravine takes advantage of the technological facilities present today and delivers a masterclass on executing audiobook format.

That’s right; the sights and sounds of the 19th-century frontier can be experienced as the author, Jedediah Ravine narrates the story with his wise voice. Now, you don’t have to worry about clearing your schedule and finding time to pick up the hard copy of the book. You can simply have Jedediah narrate the gripping story to you on the go.

Jedediah Ravine has set the bar high in adding a deeper layer of immersion for people to indulge in with his book. Not only that, the world-building in the content is true to the time mentioned.

Now that we’ve talked about the book, let’s talk about who Jedediah Ravine is and what his inspiration is.

To His Listeners

For the longest time, Jedediah has enjoyed listening to stories told by others of the Old West. These were the very man who would tell their stories with feelings of deep conviction. The passion in their voice, followed by the old art of storytelling, enhanced the experience entirely. As a kid, Jedediah would find himself at the edge of his seat, intently listening as they would reveal the moral of the story, the wisdom of their tale.

In Wichita U.S. Marshall, a 19th-century frontier story, Jedediah aimed to say things in a way he believed was said, lacking grammar and political incorrectness. He sought to write a story that really puts you in the characters’ shoes. This is also one of the reasons why the book resonates with the readers so much. Jedediah’s writing style is potent and balanced. He believed that the best way to leave a lasting impact on the audience was to read out his own story with his own voice.

Fun fact: Wichita U.S. Marshall is a collaboration where Jedediah’s family, too, display their talents as voice artists for the world.

His wife, 51 years of age, is the voice of Sweet Annie; Sarah, his granddaughter, plays the part of Sally Wilson; his grandson is Wichita’s little boy, Luke; his other grandson is Little Carson.

Through the story, readers will feel what the writer felt through his passion project.

Overall, Wichita U.S. Marshall is a book that should be a part of every reader’s library, with its true experience felt in the audiobook format.

Immerse yourself in a time of wide-open spaces and small towns, times of simple things, simple lives, and simple rules. A time where, when you ride, you ride with loyalty and fortitude. An era where we lived every single day with courage and honor. It was a time when you did what you had to, for it was the right thing.

But more importantly, walk through a time of action and adventure.


Romans 13:4.

Read through arguably the greatest 19th-century frontier story of the decade.

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