Review of Wichita us Marshall as told by Jedediah Ravine

Wichita: U.S. Marshall, an exhilarating historical action fiction, was authored and narrated by Jedediah Ravine. The story is set in the Wild West, a land of immense potential, attracting both the good and the bad, the virtuous and the vile. Colorado in the late nineteenth century was teeming with all kinds of people; while some were honest, hard workers, some were there to use shortcuts to make ends meet. One event sets off a series of actions that form the premise of this gripping tale. Grab your copy and listen to the story to know more.

He is without a name, and the only one who ever heard his real name is dead. With time, he will be known as Wichita, the marshall, and the old-timer. Driven by thirst and hunger that will be satiated by meting out justice, Wichita goes after a group of rogue outlaws that robbed his town, leaving some dead and others maimed. As Wichita rides after them, the outlaws begin to feel the wrath. Young or an old timer, no one dares cross his path or disrupt law and order; the legend is true.

The narration is accompanied by pleasant musical sound effects, ranging from the sound of galloping horses, gunshots, chatter, and more. While the sound effects make the whole narration absorbing and lively, immersing one totally in the tale, the author makes the tale believable and thrilling. The marshall is an exceptional tracker and an excellent marksman. As the author remarks, for anyone who has not witnessed a gunfight before, seeing Wichita in action makes you feel like you have watched multiple fights already. His speed and accurate shots are astounding. But the skills are not as captivating as the combination of two rare traits, toughness and softness, characterizing our primary character. In Wichita, we see the personification of love, passion, and justness.

There is absolutely nothing to be disliked in and about this exhilarating tale. The editing must have been exceptionally well done, as I did not detect a single error. Long after listening to the heroic exploits, accompanied by sweet musical effects, you will still be remembering Wichita and the other details; this is an unforgettable story. Overall, I heartily rate the book four out of four stars. The number of characters is small, endearing them to the reader and making it simple to follow the story.

For ardent fans of the old Wild West tales, this is a must-read. This book will literally blow your mind away. It is a perfect place to start your adventure if you have not been a fan of audiobooks like me. A quality story will always sell itself, and I am certain readers will find this true for this one; it does not require many words to publicize its excellent quality.



It's Phenomenal

I am not a fan of audiobooks but this one changed my entire perspective. The author, who happens to be the narrator, leaves nothing to chance, narrating Wichita’s heroism. As you hear about and follow this legend, you truly feel immersed in the tale. What’s more, the accompanying music and other sounds make you feel you’re watching this on a screen.

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