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Wichita - US Marshall

As told by: Jedediah Ravine

Of all the conflicts in the hearts of man none are greater than that between duty, honor and VENGEANCE.

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Chapter 1: The Beginning and a Bad Day in Durango

In ancient history, when the sons of God rebelled both in heaven and earth, evil and violence became the order of things. The Creator put in place a mandate, a task to duly authorized authorities to deal with evil deeds and to curb anarchy.

In the time and place known as the Wild West, this task fell upon the good and the brave men such as the town sheriffs, rangers, and U.S. Marshals. That task became the code of the lawman. It was recorded in God’s own book, for there it says,

“For they stand placed by God for your good. But if you do bad, be in fear for they bare the sword as God’s minister, as an avenger against evil deeds.”

Now they say that there is a place somewhere out in Colorado.

Where desperados still fear the fast hand of the law.

They say Wichita’s a lawman somewhere out in Colorado.

He’s faced a hundred bad men and best them one and all… one and all.

Wichita, where are you going?

Wichita, where have you been?

Wichita with hands like lightning.

Wichita, you faced a hundred men.

Now they say when he was young,

He drifted down to Durango.

His heart was filled with love for this sweet young brown-haired maid.

Now he loved this girl, they had a son and settled in Durango.

Till a band of outlaws came through town and put them in their graves

then rode away.

Wichita, where are you going?

Wichita, where have you been?

Wichita with hands like lightning.

Wichita, you have faced a hundred men.

Wichita, will you ever love again?

Well, they called it the Wild West. It was a new land filled with opportunities for adventurous men and women. There was land to be had and fortunes to be made in cattle, in building towns, railroads, and such. And besides that, there was gold, especially in the Rocky Mountains, and with all that, came all sorts of men — good and bad. At times it seemed that the bad outnumbered the good, and the good were forced to deal with them often in brutal and harsh ways. For where there’s gold, there’s greed. For where there’s greed, there’s killing and stealing, and all kinds of villainous things in between.

Well, it was in such times that the man in my story lived. This is the story of Wichita, U.S. Marshal.

Welcome to the storytelling world of Jedediah Ravine.


My name is Jedediah Ravine. 

For many a generation, folks have been fascinated by tales of the old west. A time of wide-open spaces and small towns. Times of simple things, simple lives, with simple rules. When you ride,  you ride for the brand, with loyalty. You live every day with courage and honor and take pride in your work . It was a time when you did what you had to because it was simply the right thing to do. 

Some things were not for sale, no matter the price, and if you make a promise, you keep it.

Life was free to live those days. And, for the most part it was 

a time of adventure and dreams that could be realized with hard work and determination.

Now,  I don’t mean is life was easy.  For that would be misunderstood by most folks these days to mean life was laid back and carefree, it wasn’t. What I do mean is this: What was good was good, and what was bad was just that… bad.

Folks in the old west rarely tolerated badness. Why, justice was served quickly and decisively. And was offen served

with a slick rope or a fast gun. Often at the hands of the folks themselves.  Over time, to help avoid anarchy, Lawmen were appointed to protect the folks, and deal with villains and ner do wells that got away. Armed with courage and determination, a Colt and a rifle, lawmen of the Wild West firmly believed in, and lived by the code given to them by the Creator Himself.

That code is recorded in his own book:  Romans 13:4 says


My stories are based on just such a man. His name? Wichita, a US Marshall…


About the Author:

Jedediah Ravine

To My Listeners…

I have always enjoyed listening to old stories of the old west told by older men that know a thing or two. These same men would tell their stories with feelings of deep conviction, and as a kid, I would be at the edge of my seat, intently listening as they revealed the moral of the story, the wisdom of their tale.

In my story of the old west, I wanted to say things in a way I believe was said, lacking good grammar and politically incorrect. Written in a way that puts you there, the way it just may have been heard by the people of that time. I felt the best way to accomplish this was to read my own story, with my voice, with help from my friends and family.
My wife, of 51 years, is the voice for Sweet Annie, Sarah, and the crabby old bathhouse lady. My granddaughter is Sally Wilson, my oldest grandson is Wichita’s boy Luke, another grandson is Little Carson, and yet another grandson of mine is the courageous little boy who stands up for his father. With their help, hopefully, you will not only hear but feel what I felt when writing the story of Wichita.

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